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The Grind

It’s a little frustrating that my sketchbook is about a quarter inch too large to properly fit in the bed of my scanner.

I haven’t drawn in so very long, but I started some loose gestures during a lecture. Ahh, it’s like I’m five years old again.

I had so much to say, but now that I’ve sat down in front the computer and try to say something of interest nothing comes. I’ve been trying to keep my head above water, and so far, about a month in, I’ve survived so far, only a third of the year left to go. So, what’s going on?

I started school. Only four classes this semester, so about 12 hours a week. Two of them are studio courses while the other two are just lecture courses. For two classes, I have the same prof. A wonderful designer, a great thinker, a design genius, but a wack human being. It’s like she doesn’t understand how to interact with other people. Ma’am, no one is going take anything useful from your class if you’re treating all the students like dogs. Jumping about, screaming, making us seem like bumbling idiots when you are so unaware no one can actually read your mind. Asking vague questions and expecting us to know the answer.

“What are the formats that designers work in?”

Okay, that question can go anywhere, can you be a little clearer? What do you mean? Media? Mindset?  Philosophy? How would you answer it? I was leaning towards something along the line of web, print, etc.

However, since no one knows the answer she’s looking for, no one says anything. So instead of giving us more information, she’s stomping her feet, screaming in a foreign language, clapping her hands like an overgrown seal.

Answer: “Portrait, landscape, square.”

The class is basically screaming and degrading and an “I-know-everything-you’re-all-idiots” kind of attitude. But, I’ve learned to just roll my eyes at the tantrums and try to absorb the information that she does throw out. Like I said, I really admire her brain, experiences, knowledge, and design.

The prof says that for each 3 hour class, there’s 6 hours of homework. For the studio courses, completely true, but the lecture courses are a bit less than that, except when exam time rolls around.

The biggest chunk of my life right now, however, is working. Judy, what are you doing holding down a job while going to school. Correction, two jobs. I surprised myself, expecting to just work 15 hours a week during the school year, but then everything kind of loaded itself on.

I’m now working two jobs, and after adding up my hours (after working Friday-Tuesday), I nearly shat myself. I worked 41 hours this week. WTF. And it’s not like I could quit either job. I just started one job, and the other one just gave me a really big raise. So, for now, my schedule is work Friday-Tuesday, and school Wednesday, Thursday. I am hoping that I don’t burn out anytime soon. Other than that, life’s been good. I’m enjoying myself. I wish I had more time to read, to write, to draw, but such is life. Only 9 weeks left?

Such is life. I should probably cut down on my internet, but really, do we expect me to do that. Haha. Some weeks yes, but it’s hard if it’s all work and no looking at stupid pictures of cats. Social things come up sometimes and that takes from sleep and internet time, but that’s worth it. As for commute, it’s only about half an hour a day, so it’s not too bad. Thank goodness it’s no longer 3 hours a day, can you imagine how much time I’d be wasting?

Streamline, streamline, streamline.

Am I Interesting Yet?

Oh, hi there internet. Fancy meeting you here. Summer’s passed by in a blur and yet I feel like I’ve done nothing at all. You know, without writing and all, I wasn’t sure if  I even existed anymore.

To say the four months of summer passed quickly would be somewhat of an understatement. True, I barely remember what it’s like to be in school although I would like to, it just seems like I can hardly recall most events that passed. We went through the Taste of Little Italy way back when, where I’m sure there was more Greek food than Italian, but I’m not complaining. There were the visits from friends and family from further than the Hammer. That first mini-vacation to Niagara Falls where I won a lot of money, and then that second one where I lost a bunch. Somewhere in between, it was a kaleidoscope of food, sleep, movies, and alcohol. Though, I’m quite sure there wasn’t enough alcohol to keep so much of my memory at bay.

This summer, I actually held a job. A job that had me working for more than 12 hours a week. This was new for me. I made some money, but now that I’m on my own, that money went away so quickly. And that’s not even due to partying. Responsibilities. This year, I took on a bunch of them, and thankfully, I’m not completely drowning. Yet.

I’m in the last stretch before school starts. In just one week, it’s back to that grand ol’ place where our minds get molded and pushed and prodded and ever so gently stretched out, hopefully absorbing some useful information on the way. I just got back from a week at a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was a much-needed vacation. Me, living the kind of life that I wished I could live but never could. Sleep. Food. Drinks. Pool. Sleep. Maid service. Unlimited food.

Also, I met a monkey.

But now I’m back. What have I accomplished this summer?

  • furnished my apartment
  • took in my puppy
  • made money
  • spent money
  • read 3 books *
  • tried new restaurants
  • stuck around some old ones
  • joined Foursquare
  • watched countless movies (Crazy Stupid Love, anyone? Brilliant.)
  • went abroad, briefly
  • fought and made up
  • made a few friends
  • slowly rediscovered the meaning of family

It was my new friend’s birthday recently, so I decided to make him a good ol’ fashioned mixed tape about friendship. Because I’m gay. And also because I wanted to tentatively stretch my fingers, which hadn’t so much as touched Illustrator for 4 months too long. So I made a snarky little CD booklet for him.

The tracklist consisted of a few songs that I felt fit the theme, would hope to describe our friendship, but also songs that, at one point or another, I listened to on repeat. You can listen to that mixed CD here, on Grooveshark.

And then I found out what kind of music he really listens to, which happened to be my kind of music too. So I made a bit of a Friendship Playlist Version 2.0. I’m trying really hard here. Haha. This time, though, it was a bit harder finding songs that fit the theme, so some of them are a bit of a stretch, but some are still a bit relative to the inauguration of a new friendship. This, I spent a little less time on, so you can listen to it on shuffle, but the songs are still close to my heart.

Well, I wouldn’t say I was trying too hard, but I was just having a spot of fun.

Now, September comes rolling around. I just got hired at a new job and hopefully will be able to survive juggling two jobs, school, and some semblance of a social life.  Here’s to a new start. Here’s to survival.


  • The Way of Zen” by Alan Wilson Watts
  • This is a Book” by Demetri Martin
  • The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

Worst. Realisation. Ever.

I albsolutely have to get this rant written down though, and hopefully this post will get the ball rolling (I have a ton of other stuff to blog about queued up in my mind to write up).

Today was one of the most unfortunate days I’ve had in a while.

1) I was cutting bell peppers at work today. I cut one in half, and then reached in to pull out the seeds and stem, when my hand touches some soft gunk. It doesn’t feel at all like the seeds and stem are supposed to. I look inside, and BAM. DIRT. AND A WORM-MAGGOT-WRIGGLY-DEMON-FROM-HELL.

I let out a girlish shriek, threw it into back into the box and whimpered like a puppy in a thunderstorm. I got over it rather quickly though and quickly cut up the rest of the peppers, albeit very paranoid-ly.

2) I went on to cut up tomatoes when one of those demons decide to do me in. The paring knife goes straight through the tomato, and I stab myself in the palm. About quarter of an inch of the tip of the knife sticks me. Blood everywhere.

Now, my family has a history of very low blood pressure, so we don’t do pain very well. The body’s normal reflex to sudden pangs of pain is to lower our blood pressure, but since ours is already pretty low, it causes us to pass out if we don’t sit down. (I swear, I’ve confirmed this with several doctors.)

3) I dropped $200+tax on a futon.

This in and of itself doesn’t suck too bad, but that much money in one shot kind of adds to the shittiness of the day.

4) CLOGGED TOILET. Goddang. Come home and the toilet clogged itself. Last time, I dropped $300 getting that shit fixed, I am NOT about to do it again.

EXCEPT, I can’t, for the life of me, unclog it. I’ve been at it for the whole day. -_- So frustrating.

5) And to conclude the worst day ever:

I was doing my nails when my dog absolutely had to go pee.

So I put on my tank and skirt really carefully cause I figured a skirt would be easiest to put on.

Walk out, spent 15 minutes trying to get him to do his business etc.

And the park was FULL, as in at least 4 dogs. With people. And they all talked to me (the ONE time a group of dog owners talk to me).

Then I walk to the other side of the park and only then did I realise the back of my skirt was tucked into my underwear!!!!


So I run upstairs. And fought with my keys and bag and stuff.

Nails are ruined.

And as I walked into the apartment, I realise, I STILL HAVE THE BAG OF POOP IN MY HAND.

I can never show my face in that dog park again.

Toy Organization

Ah, yes, look at my stuffed animals. Aren’t they great? Aren’t they grand? All of them, except for Kumagoro (the bunny) and Eeyore (my travelling buddy), were amassed within the last year. Gifts, well, prizes on dates we’ve been on to the arcade. The biggest one was when he tried to sway me into being his girlfriend. I guess it worked, but YMMV.

Only problem with them is that they render half my desk completely useless. Whatever shall I do? A quick trip to Canadian Tire solved the problem quite quickly. Might I mention here that the term ‘quick’ is only relative, and since I’m not at all a handy person, it took me more than an hour and a half to do. 20 minutes were spent debating if the table would hold my weight.

What’s in my arsenal? A replacement hockey net measuring 60 inches by 44 inches (left), golden hooks with a little gate and tiny screws at one end (top middle), anchors for the tiny screws (bottom middle), and a ruler. I only used 2 out of 4 items. Turns out you need a drill to use the anchors, so I quickly tossed those aside. As for the ruler, my arms got tired, so I eyeballed it.

What in the world are we going to do with that, you ask? Little hooks and a hockey net? You don’t even play hockey!

You’re right, I don’t, but bear with me. See, you screw the hooks into the wall! Grand, amazing, it’s great. I ended up using 5 of them.

And then I hung the net on them. (This is your cue.)



Here, you see the placement of 4 of the hooks.

The teddy bears go inside the pants. Er.. net. I used the fifth hook on the left to create an entrapping flap so that the toys don’t fall forward.

As you can see, the hook at the top right seems to have moved! Yes, this is due to the fact that I didn’t use anchors. Therefore, the screw came loose and pulled itself out! Daring bastard.

Now I have room on my desk to do things like this:

Mixa’s been begging me for that painting for years! I finally did it.

Ooh, also at Canadian Tire, I found these cute little hooks that you just push into your drywall. I use them to hang my necklaces on now.

Can you believe, 4 of them for only 2-3$! It’s great.

Anyway, that’s episode one of fixing up the place. Futon should be coming in within the next few weeks, hopefully, and then I’ll actually have furniture. And then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get full pictures of the whole place. Just maybe.

A Day In Photographs

New York Made Me Famous

So, this is going to be a pretty image-laden post, but bear with me, I only had a partial real day in New York City. By the time we arrived in the city the morning before, we stood in line all day, and immediately after the event, at around 11/12 at night, we went to check into our hotel, because driving all night and standing in the heat all day, and just the excitement of it all, it gets to be pretty tiring.

We stayed at the Belnord Hotel at 209 W 87th, which is really just a few blocks from Central Park. It’s a rather nice area, and it was perfect for what we needed it for. It was just me and my brother, and since it’s illegal to park and sleep in your car, we tried to find a hotel that was reasonably priced as well as being on the island so that we wouldn’t have to travel too far for our tourist day.

The place was gorgeous inside, very posh and swanky. When you walk into the lobby, it’s hard to imagine that it was only 89$ a night. It came up to 101$ after tax, and split between the two of us, it was really only 50$ each, as I’m sure you can do that math. Although, the more expensive part was parking. We parked at an underground place on the next street for about 16 hours and it ran us about 43$ in all, with a few dollars here and there for tips. Now, there’s a reason that this place is so cheap, for its location and whatnot.

This place was tiny and borderline claustrophobic. The pictures don’t really do it much justice. The hallway was wide enough to probably fit two of me in shoulder-to-shoulder, and the two of me’s would be touching the walls at both sides. An obese person would not be able to walk through here without grazing both sides of the wall. The bed was literally a foot away from each wall.

That being said, it was still very very nice inside. For the price, I was expecting motel-standards, but I felt so posh in here. It was exactly what we were looking for, I mean, we were just passing out there for 10 hours, and then off to see the city anyway. We weren’t going to spend copious amounts of time lounging in there. That, and free wi-fi, which is nice. I racked up quite a hefty phone bill due to my addiction to technology, social networking, and staying connected. Always had to tweet, me, and I paid for it. But I digress, it was nice to bunker down for a night and not have to pay with my first born. I was expecting having to pull our 2-300$ to stay a night. Thank goodness for the internet.

We checked out of the hotel at around 10AM to go about doing tourist-y things. For breakfast, we stopped off at Hot and Crusty, a bagel-y cafe-y place on Broadway and W 88th, and we had this chicken fajita panini. It was deliciously crispy and the fries, oh my, the fries. I’m not a fan of fries, but these ones were so golden and crispy on the outside, yet potato-y on the inside. Hot, warm, delicious. I think this ran us about 4$, which was amazing. I had always assumed New York to be so supremely expensive but this was not the case at all.

So, the only reason my brother came to New York City with me was to go shopping. We cabbed down from our hotel to go to Times Square and do some shopping. I wouldn’t say it was overwhelming, or crazy, or anything, but it was exactly what I expected it would be from what I see in pictures and movies and all that world-wide media stuff. It was loud, garish, and crowded.

We also walked over to do a little shopping on 5th Ave, I know, typical tourist stuff. I had the unfortunate displeasure of allowing myself to be dragged into the Abercrombie & Fitch store, which I can tell you is like that episode of the Magic School Bus, where Mrs. Frizzle shrinks everyone to go into one of the boys’ bodies while he’s sick to help fight the infection. Except instead of going into a sick boy’s body, we walked into the embodiment of the world’s biggest douchebag. Unss-unss-unss-unss. The music was loud and aggravating, and the moderately good-looking people working there, dressed top to bottom in A&F stomped around the floor in an attempt to stay in beat with the music. No, really, there was this tall blonde girl standing in the corner, saying hi to people coming in, and awkwardly moving herself to the beat. Worst job ever. On top of that, I already had a sore coughy throat, and the heavy scent in the air only aggravated it. Honestly, why would your store need that much douche-musk in the air? It doesn’t drive the girlies wild, boys. That, coupled with the fact that there was absolutely no ventilation in the store probably makes for a huge safety and security risk. I mean, imagine if there was just one spark of a flame, it would catch on all the gasses in the air and BOOM. The whole place would go up in flames, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. There’s still the online store for all your A&F shopping needs.


It was rainy, which brought the whole thing down to a less surrealistic level.

Im soo good-looking that the New Yorkers simply HAD to have my face on a billboard. I brought my brother along in my fame lest he feel excluded.

A teeny tiny cop car.

These are simply the best nuts that Ive ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth.

A deliciously spicy chicken gyro that my brother got. Had a slight hint of curry powder in it. Very yummy. Me, on the other hand, made the disastrous decision of getting a knish, trying to be all adventurous and ordering something that I didnt recognize. Grosss. It was like a giant perogie, that should have been delicious, but it tasted all stale and rotten. Blargh. Maybe someone will someday change my mind on them by making a good one, but that was a misadventure that cost me 3$.

Whats this? An indoor ferris wheel???

And of course, the Canadian thing to do was to visit Tim Hortons while in the States. No one makes green tea quite like Timmy hos.

Not in Times Square, but still a cool storefront.

Walked past people of all shapes and sizes. ALL shapes and sizes.

I was surprised by the architecture in New York, especially in the residential districts. So fancy fancy. It had a Victorian-Neogothic feel to it, with the intricate moldings and large windows. So I went creep-mode and took pictures of peoples’ homes. If you saw me through your window, I apologize.

Like a scene straight outta Friends or Seinfeld.

So, after touring around New York City, shopping, till about 3 o’clock, we cabbed our way back to the hotel and drove our asses home. Farewell NYC, I will miss your White Castle, however crappy it was, I’ll still crave it. 🙁


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