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For the sake of (blog)life, (blog)love, and (blog)laughter.

Sometimes I lose sight of why I started blogging in the first place. It wasn’t because I wanted free stuff. It wasn’t because I wanted to be famous. It was because I have these thoughts and feelings and life mottos that I wanted to share with the world. Thinking back to the first blog I ever had, I wrote because I wanted to get a handle on my thoughts. It was like writing to a pen-pal that I knew didn’t actually exist, but it was nice to get everything out of my head and into a physical, or rather digital, form.

Somewhere between 2009 and 2015, I became consumed with the lives all these bigger bloggers. Thousands of readers and followers, invites to exclusive events, free perks from companies who want you to write about their products. It’s like being a celebrity with all the perks and you are your own paparazzi.

I’ll let you know what prompted this post though. A few weeks ago, I met a prominent local blogger at a party (who will now be referred to as Z) with other bloggers much bigger than I am. Z came into the circle of conversation, and in the introductions, I shook Z’s hand, and said that I was familiar with their social media content. I received half a handshake, and no eye contact as Z gave a weak laugh and looked away to someone they recognized as being “in the scene,” as I interpreted it. This is fine. I don’t mind. I’m just there to have fun and make friends. My ego isn’t bruised if someone doesn’t give me the time of day.

Flash forward to the next week, I’m working at my retail job and Z walks in. I give a big friendly, “Hey!”, and it’s clear Z doesn’t recognize me. Again, that’s fine. Even though I shook your hand, that’s fine. However, what spurned me is that Z did not say a single word during the transaction. No answer to “How are you?” Just flashed the credit card and snatched the bag of goods and left.

I don’t think it’s just a “I’m a big deal” thing, but it should be common decency to treat the people behind the check out as a human.

I don’t know where I was going with this. I never would have batted an eye at any of these things individually, but being brushed off by the same person in the span of a week, that stings a little. But I’m sure Z is a very nice person, and I just don’t make a very big impression. I’m working on accepting the fact that it’s ok not to be noticed, and trying to reconcile the thought of, maybe I don’t want to be noticed. I just want to live my life in a way that makes me happy, and use my energy in ways that make other people feel happy. Going back to my roots of writing for the sake of writing. Sharing my thoughts with the digital world that might have a person or two out there listening. Not for free things and invites to events where people try so hard to make you like them so that you’ll advertise their product, but to surround myself with good people and good vibes.

Of course, I’ll find a relevant Nicki Minaj quote.

Let me make this clear, I’m not difficult, I’m just ’bout my business. I’m not into fake industry parties and fake agendas. Rock with people for how they make me feel, not what they give me.

I’d be lying if I said that the free stuff isn’t nice. That the feeling of inclusivity with the exclusive clubs makes you feel important and like you really are somebody. But I don’t want to always be chasing the glamour and events for the sake of the glamour and events. I want to do it for the experiences of trying something new and for meeting new people that can possibly add love and laughter into my life.

If I can live my life with purpose and positively impact just one person, then I can be happy. I want to leave impressions of positivity on others, like pressed-leaf impressions in a textbook.

Moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org on Hostgator

I’ve had my wordpress.com site for over 5 years now, and I finally made the jump and decided that I wanted my own .com site. If you’re reading this, that means it worked! However, making the move gave me headaches. As someone who knows nothing about webhosting and only the bare bones of domains (a.k.a. I only knew the definition of the word), finding all the steps to allow this website to come live was definitely a challenge. Many of the tutorials I found skipped critical steps that would allow my site to actually work, so I’ve written this tutorial in order to help those who are making the same jump.


What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Basically, WordPress.com is a free service where you can post your blog or website. Your blog/site is hosted on their servers for free, but the URL is BLOGNAME.wordpress.com. You are also limited by theme selection, theme customization, and plugin selection.

WordPress.org is hosted by you. You can buy hosting and domain names directly from WordPress.com, or like me, you can buy hosting and domain from any webhost (I chose hostgator). You can upload your own theme, customize it to your liking, and choose from over 19,000 plugins that help your website do everything you hoped it would. You also have options to add e-commerce options, if you want to sell things on your site.

So I bought my domain and hosting, now what?

  1. Alright, you can now log into your hostgator customer portal.
  2. Click on the tab at the top that says “Hosting”.
  3. Now, under “Most Popular Links,” click Launch Quick Install.
  4. Under Blog Software, click WordPress. Click continue..
  5. Fill out your information. Under admin email, make sure to use the email where you want to receive account information. I made the mistake of thinking that would create an email address for me (like judy@judskii.com). I was so wrong.
  6. Now this is the part that I could not figure out how to do anywhere! You have to visit this website: http://register.hostgator.com?manage . You might have to log in again. Click on your domain name. A little window should pop up.
  7. Click on “Name Servers”. Then, in a dropdown menu, you have to “point” your domain name to your hosting service! That way it tells the Gods of the Internet that your “domain name” is pointed to a “hosting service” and that’s the only way it will work.

Now that you’ve installed WordPress and pointed your domain, your site is ready to go! You can log into wordpress with your credentials at YOURDOMAIN.com/wp-admin or whatever url you had used to when you filled in your information at QuickInstall.

How do I move my existing WordPress.com blog over to my new site?

This part is easily found anywhere on the internet. But since you’re already here, I’ll tell you!

  1. Go to your old blog site’s dashboard (YOURBLOG.wordpress.com/wp-admin).
  2. Hover over the Tools button on the left side near the bottom and click on “Export” when it pops up.
  3. When the page loads, click Export (the free one).
  4. Choose All Content (or just selected content, if that’s your deal.) Download the export file.
  5. Now, go to your new wordpress site at YOURDOMAIN.com/wp-admin, login.
  6. Go back down to the same Tools button but instead of clicking Export, you want to Import the file that you just downloaded.
  7. A list of different blog platforms will show up. Scroll down to near the bottom and click on WordPress.
  8. Find the file that you just downloaded. Hopefully you saved it somewhere you can easily find it. Import the file.

Ta da! Your blog is now ready to be added to. But wait, don’t you want to customize it with a theme?

Changing and customizing the look of your blog.

I am not at all a web designer, so I browse and find free WordPress templates that are available all over the internet. Generally by googling some form of the words “free,” “wordpress,” “theme,” and “template.” My current theme is called Flat by YoArts.

  1. Once you find your theme, they will prompt you to download a .zip file of the theme. Do not open the zip file. Instead, go to your wordpress dashboard (YOURDOMAIN.com/wp-admin).
  2. On the left bar, hover over the Appearance button and click on Themes.
  3. At the top, near the header, you can click on “Add New.”
  4. Find the .zip file you downloaded and install the theme. That should take you back to the theme page where you can Activate your new theme.

You can also browse WordPress’s collection of free and readily available themes.

You can now customize your site by going to “Customize” under the Appearance buttom. That will allow you to change the colours, backgrounds, etc. I recommend spending a couple of days clicking around in Widgets, Plugins, and Customization, as well as your menus so that your site will look exactly how you like it! This will help you get acquainted with the platform so you can work with it more efficiently.

And there you have it. A successful jump! I hope you found this as useful as I think I would have. Comments? Questions? Post them below! I would love to hear from you. However, like I said at the beginning. I basically fumbled my way through this, so I might not be able to answer more advanced questions!

This post is part of my Know Things mission for January 2015.

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