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Putting Up Money for New Years

The New Year inevitably brings resolutions, and more often than not, that resolution involves eating better, getting healthy, hitting the gym, and losing weight. I guess this year is no different. I always say that I don’t believe in New Years resolutions because that just sets you up for stopping with it’s no longer the “New Year” and also because I make these kinds of promises to myself throughout the year. However, it does help that around the New Year, there are a surplus of friends that will rally around you to help you reach your goals.

In the last year and a half, I effectively (and voraciously) gained 20lb. That’s 17% of my body weight. So, back in October, I joined a gym again, but made no progress on weight loss. Luckily, two different groups of friends rallied and we all made a pact to lose some weight together!

The first group are actually my boyfriend’s friends, but we’ve all become great friends. One couple is getting ready for their wedding and hope to lose the weight for this special moment in their lives and a few other friends wanted to join as well because the prize is a weekend trip to NYC! The goal was to lose 20lb each, and if we attained that in 6 months, then we can go for a short vacation. However, I didn’t think I would be physically able to go back down to 118 lb, because I think it’s too skinny for 5’7″. So we decided on losing 40lb as a couple, because in the 4 years we’ve been together, boyfriend gained a whopping 50lb. It’s time for a change.

The second group of friends are the Belly Monsters. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know who the Belly Monsters are. A group of food lovers and great friends. We eat, laugh, and chat every day. We engaged in a “Diet Bet” wherein you have to lose 10% of your bodyweight in 6 months. We each put up $50, and at the end, if you reach your goal, you get your $50 back; if you don’t, you forfeit the money and the winners split the pot. I figured, since I’m super set on going to New York, this one will be easy peasy, and it’s so much fun to have more people help and support you along the way. We all give each other advice and encouragement. You can follow the Belly Monsters Diet Bet with the #BMD2015 on Twitter and Instagram. Give us a shout!

So far, it’s been almost a full month and my first two weeks were awesome!

Starting weight – 138.8 lb.


Week 2 – 136.8

Judskii Diet Week 2 Progress


I didn’t get a chance to take picture right at the beginning, so this is week two. This is so difficult for me to look at. Every day for the last year or so, I look in the mirror and I get sad that my belly bulges. That I don’t fit into my pants. Actually, about two months ago, I had such a bad reaction to pants that I vowed never to wear pants again. And I haven’t actually worn pants to work since then, except for when I have to as part of my retail uniform.

Week 3 – 132.2

Judskii Diet Week 3 Progress


Week 3 was beastly. I lost 4 pounds, I feel great, and best of all, I’m seeing progress! Hitting the gym three times a week, working my strength training weights back up, hating cardio, the whole bit! I’m hoping to start biking when it gets warmer to replace that damn elliptical. Weekends are particularly difficult because everyone just wants to go out to eat. Basically to prepare for restaurant food, you need to barely eat all day and then order the salad, which is probably like 800 calories anyway.

From these two progress pictures, I learned that I need to take the same photos in the same pose. I felt the underwear picture was too scandy and the tights maybe didn’t show enough, but I don’t have any tight pants, so I’m at a loss.

However, 5 months and 10 more lbs to go! Boyfriend has lost 5.5 lb so together, we’ve lost 13 lb. Let’s get this $50 back and get to the NYC Pokemon Centre!

Progress posts every Monday.

My Green Smoothie Variation!

Tired of my healthy blogs yet? Don’t worry, I’ve got a couple of restaurant food blogs coming up soon. My diet has loosened up considerably since I started, but I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds now! Yayyy.  It took me almost two months, but that’s because I pretty much stopped exercising about a month ago. I knoow, booo me. But, I have switched to a healthier (food) lifestyle. I don’t eat fast food anymore, and I’ve been drinking exclusively water for about two years now, save for the occasional tea or alcohol. But since moving away from Toronto, I don’t find myself drinking (alcohol) every weekend or every other weekend. I’m mostly a hermit.

I never thought I’d become one of those people, but I actually caught myself saying, “Ugh, is it organic though…?” the other day, and I found that weird. But I’ve been trying to buy organic food when my budget allows and when it’s available. I’m not too strict on it. I’ve heard people say that generally, the things where you don’t eat the peel (oranges, watermelon, etc) you don’t have to buy organic, but other things you should (lettuces, veggies, etc) or at least wash very very thoroughly before using.

So, in accordance with this healthy (food) lifestyle, I either have my oatmeal for breakfast or this smoothie that I’m going to share with you. For the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve been having this smoothie exclusively because it’s so darn tasty. This smoothie gives me tons of energy and usually keeps me full for 4-5 hours! I’ll have it in the morning before I go to work and then by the time my lunch break comes around, I’ll have just started to get hungry.

I first heard about green smoothies from one of my favourite vloggers, itsjudytime, on her daily vlog channel called itsjudyslife. Her husband, Benji, does a green smoothie/juice recipe on his channel, BenjiManTV. I made up my recipe by watching them make their smoothies, as well as doing my research on green smoothies (it supposedly makes your skin glooooow), and adjusting it to my own taste preferences. So without further ado, here we go!

Alright! This is what I put into my smoothie on a pretty regular basis. Well, except for the mixer.. that’s just what I use to mix them all together… jeez.

So I start off with half a banana (~50 cal.), as much spinach as I can fit (~10 cal.), and some almond milk (~25 cal), just so it’s not too thick. You can adjust the amount of almond milk to how thick or thin you like your drink. You can also substitute for water if you want to lower calories, or coconut water for a delicious flavour. I actually added fresh coconut water with some coconut flesh the other day, and it tasted super fresh! As you can see, after blending, the drink is a wonderful bright and alien green.

Please forgive my typography here. Next, I put in one stalk of celery and a few slices of apple in there (~15 cal.). I like to mix my ingredients in batches because it doesn’t overwork my magic bullet. If you have a full-size blender, it can probably handle all the ingredients in there at once, but I like how I just have to wash the “cup” I use after I’m done with it instead of a whole different container (I hate dishes).

Now this is where it gets… sludgy looking. I add in 1/4 cup of my frozen berries (~40 cals.) and 1/4 cup of my frozen fruits (~40 cals depending on the kinds of fruits). You can easily do this with all berries, or even no berries at all. I had a berries and mango mixture going on for a while. Yum yum yum!

I add some more spinach for good measure. A cup of spinach is only 7 calories, people! And you can’t even taste the spinach. You can also add kale, which is a known superfood, but I’ve never had kale before. Once, my brother bought me a spinach blend instead of just spinach, and it had radicchio and arugula in it. Usually, I love arugula, but I found its flavour in a smoothie much too overpowering.

I only add half a scoop of whey protein in to save calories. Also, if you follow my vlog, you will have seen that the first time I ever made a smoothie, I added a whole scoop, and though it made me very very full, I really disliked the sickly sweet flavour. I use the vanilla flavour from Kaizen 100% Whey Protein. For more information about protein, what protein he uses, and for more health and fitness information, check out my friend Edmond’s blog. Boy is cut as heck!

Here’s the nutritional information for the protein that I use:

So, half a scoop of protein is about 75 calories. You can skip it, but I feel like this is the thing that really keeps me full throughout the day. Though it’s a lot of calories for one ingredient, it keeps me from eating more later on. I mix everything up after adding the whey protein.

Next step you don’t really have to add, but I like to put in a third to half a package of plain oatmeal (20-25 grams) which equals 65-95 calories. I would usually add just bulk oatmeal but I had some packages leftover. If you’re watching your calories, I would exclude it, but I wanted to have more fibre. That’s about 25% of the reason. The other 75% is because with the berries, there are those really annoying raspberry/strawberry seeds that are left and you have to chew and get stuck in your teeth. So I add in the oatmeal (and shake, not blend!) so that I have something that I can chew and distract from the annoying seeds because I added the oatmeal on purpose. Plus, I like chewing something substantial in my smoothie. The best way to add oatmeal in is if your smoothie is relatively thick. If it’s too juice-like, it’ll just sink to the bottom. Ew.

So in total, this smoothie comes up to about 330 calories. About 250 if you omit the oatmeal, and 175 if you omit the protein too. Anyway, I like it because it’s healthy, tastes good, and you don’t even have to add any sugars because the banana, berries, and protein add enough sweetness. You even get some veggies in there without having to taste them! I completely recommend you trying it out! 🙂

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